What type of lockdown kiwi are you?


Like much of the rest of the world, here in New Zealand we’ve been cooped up in our houses for the last few weeks. All as part of the COVID-19-smashing lockdown and general social distancing efforts. Over that time a few different ‘Lockdown Personalities’ have begun to emerge, which one are you?

Fitness challenge kiwi
Conspiracy Kiwi
Homeschool Kiwi
Amateur data scientist Kiwi
"I'm not an epidemiologist, but…" Kiwi
Sourdough Kiwi
Tour de Neighbourhood Kiwi
Backyard adventure Kiwi
Work from home Kiwi
Quarantini Kiwi
Hoarding Kiwi
"Can you hear me now?" Kiwi
Nutritionally Balanced Kiwi
Higher education Kiwi
Living room marathon Kiwi

Have we missed any lockdown kiwis off our list? Let us know in the comments below:

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