Fiordland—it’s o for oarsome


Photo Friday—Marion Creek

It transpires that as Kiwis we can neither spell fjord or awesome correctly. But what, as a nation, we lack in spelling ability we more than make up for with dramatic scenery. Fiordland is ‘O’ for oarsome no matter what the weather (usually it is rain). The place will take your breath away, sheer cliffs, waterfalls, native forest, cheeky Kea, expansive lakes, rugged roads, tunnels carved into the hillsides, snowy mountain passes and the fjords—or the sounds—or whatever you want to call them…it is all rather spectacular.

We’ve headed that way on several trips and I’m sure we’ll be back again. This photo is from an excursion where, in typical Fiordland style, the rain was both torrential and unrelenting. We had intended to walk the Lake Marion track to the glacial lake in the hanging valley above, but the downpour had turned the track into a fast flowing river. We decided that instead of persevering we would content ourselves with photographing the actual river beside the ‘track’ and head back to the car for a hot cup of soup.

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