Travel words that ought to already exist


Already in existence are of course the classic travel words that grace the ‘top ten travel words’ lists that can be found everywhere.

Words like Fernweh which is more or less German for ‘wanderlust’. Which to me seemed a little strange at first, because the word wanderlust also originated from German…It would seem though, that Fernweh (more like the opposite of home-sickness) is the more wandery and significantly lustier younger brother of the less captivating wanderlust.

However, the Flightless Kiwis don’t have the requisite enthusiasm for researching and exploring the etymology of pre-existing words. Instead, we made up our own words. And definitions.

Travel words that should exist—Bragventure

Bragventure: You did it for instagram.

Confusation: When your attempts at a foreign language are hilariously misconstrued leaving you wondering what your conversation was about.

Tripidation: That nervous anxiety you feel as you hop on a plane for your first big adventure.

Newlicious: The taste of an amazing new food discovery.

Misfunderstanding: Confusion the local currency.

Blissapointment: When things don’t work out as planned, but your adventure is still somehow amazing.

Serentripity: Meeting someone again in fortuitous circumstances.

Frardship: A friendship forged through shared hardship.

Retrospensive: When you look back on that day trip and realise it was a bit overpriced.

Diswonderment:  The thing you’ve been waiting years to see isn’t as amazing as you thought it would be.

Unexpectacular: When an unplanned diversion becomes a highlight of your trip.

Surpleased: When something is unexpectacular, you are left feeling pleasantly surpleased.

Cheapskite: Someone who constantly brags about how cheaply they are travelling.

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Explorsted: Too much adventure leads to travel fatigue.

Flyanacial difficulties: When you don’t have enough money for your air ticket home.

Vagueabond: A seasoned traveler who regales you with vague and confusing stories of their earlier adventures.

Did we miss any other top-notch travel words that are entirely made up but really need to be on the list? Let us know with a comment below:

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