Huayna Potosí


Photo Friday—Huayna Potosí

This week’s photo Friday is a panorama of Huayna Potosí, a mountain I had really hoped we would be able to wander up to the top of  last time we were in Bolivia.

However, with the limited time we had left after I had spent a couple of days in hospital (that’s a story for another day), we decided that it was probably more appropriate to head to the top of Chacaltaya.

At an impressive 5,395m Chacaltaya is still much taller than any mountain we have in New Zealand. A trip to the top involves a bus ride to the car park that is within a couple of hundred metres of the summit, so there wasn’t really any effort involved in getting there.

But hey, it’s the tallest mountain we’ve ever been driven to the top of.

Huayna Potosí is just over 6000m high and I’m sure it feels a bit more rewarding to reach it’s summit. Although there still isn’t too much climbing to get there—apparently a quick 1400 vertical metres is all that stands between you and the summit. It is known as the easiest 6000m summit out there.

After missing out on the chance last time, I have my sights set on the peak of Huayna Potosí as part of our road trip. (Failing that we can always drive ourselves to the top of Chacaltaya…)

Until then I will content myself with this photo (click to view larger).

Huayna Potosí
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