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Photo Friday—Christchurch’s empty spaces

This week’s photo Friday comes to you from our home town.

Our town has been through some sweeping changes lately courtesy of a few unexpected earthquakes. The resulting number of buildings that have been demolished means there are a lot of empty spaces to fill.

Fortunately for us, enterprising folk have filled these empty spaces with awesome.

Gap Filler are the main go-to guys when it comes to taking an empty lot and making it fun. They have set up a city wide mini-golf course, a summer Pallet Pavilion, a giant dance-o-mat and enough public art work to make the whole town feel like an outdoor gallery. The result has been that our city is now a more fun, interesting and vibrant place to visit than it has ever been.

Last year a group organised a Festival of transitional architecture with a focus on ‘creative urban renewal’. The opening event for their festival was Lux City where they let a bunch of art and architecture students loose with empty lots as their canvas to create an evening of art and entertainment. It was a resounding success, food, art, music, entertainment and the crowds were soaking it up.

‘What is this picture exactly?’ I hear you ask.

Paper cups.

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