So long, old friend


It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a trusted friend—Our 1994 Hilux Surf.

After it took a month or two to sell our motorbike, we thought we’d be organised and list the Hilux well in advance of our leaving date so that we didn’t have to rush to sell it at the last-minute. We promptly sold it within minutes of listing.

Fortunately have been able to borrow a vehicle off a friend so that we aren’t limited to pedal power for the next three months.

Emma was a bit misty-eyed when she hugged the Hilux goodbye, it has taken us to every corner of the Te Waipounamu (The South Island, I still reckon the new name will catch on with some repeated use).  It has explored more gravelly, bumpy back roads in the last seven years than most vehicles would see in a lifetime. Ben claims not to be too upset by the sale, but he definitely misses our favourite wheels. He still looks for it in the car park when we leave the hardware store, only to remember that we need to look a little closer to the ground for our current transport.

However, this means that the next vehicle we buy will be our PanAmerican home on wheels. Most likely it will be either a 4Runner or a Landcruiser and I suspect we will become even more attached to that!

What past vehicles do you miss? Is there something you sold that you regretting parting with? Let us know in the comments below:

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